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We, the proponents of the Internet Nouvelles, believe in a future internet that is collaborative, open and informational to all that may inhabit it.




A distinguishing feature of Internet Nouvelles is the push for mandating computer programming as required courses at schools across the globe.

Change in computational education will emerge from grassroots campaigns made by students, leading to the involvement of State Departments of Education and ultimately, law makers. 

The Internet Nouvelles encompasses our idea of an inclusive space that focuses on international collaborative efforts. We believe that establishing coding as a general education course in schools globally will assist in international unity. 

Elementary school crucial time in learning. Mandating coding starting in K-5 schools will introduce a domain of knowledge integral to the future.  

Internet Nouvelles embodies free infrastructure, so we believe it best that the future know how to manipulate all of its layers. 

We believe that mandating coding in school will lessen feelings of incompetence towards Internet. Some may be more interested then others, but Internet Nouvelles envisions a baseline of unitary understanding of the internet's technical components. 




As the internet becomes more and more central to our modern world, we must make digital literacy a major focus in education across the globe.

Access to digital literacy education should be free and available to all, regardless of background.

We believe in developing a culture of digital literacy in order to empower future generations to participate effectively in the digital public sphere.

We must develop digital literacy of both software and hardware so that people in the future can make informed choices about their participation in the digital public sphere.

We must implement world-wide digital literacy education as soon as possible to best prepare future generations.




In a world of “fake news” the Internet Nouvelles puts a priority on ensuring that there are no alternative facts. The truth is clearly labeled.

The media is all around us, and we are the new media. We are not an enemy of the state, because we are the state.

Everyone on the Internet Nouvelles has the right to an opinion. However, opinions are distinct entities from facts, and need to be designated as such.





With the ever-growing changes of technology that are occurring everyday one of the more complex problems that comes with constant changes is literacy in a digital world.

Implementation of steps such as mandated computer coding courses and integrating fundamental knowledge in schools is critical to creating digital literacy.

Simplifying digital literacy towards users of Internet Nouvelle should come with free tools and resources that can help users understand how to use the internet and other programs that can make digital interface easier to use, and better to understand

This form of simplifying literacy of digital knowledge can also be helpful with creating a culture were ease of use does not become an obstacle.




The internet gives humanity the ability to collaborate and work together on a global scale, communicating freely despite differences in time, distance, and geography. There should be nothing holding us back from collaborating together

We believe that users of the internet should be able to work together in the aggregation and publishing of information, and are given both the tools and knowledge to do so

Information published on the digital public sphere should come from a wide variety of sources in order to remain as neutral and unbiased as possible

The information published on the digital public sphere must come from reliable sources and experts of the field. We believe that those who know, must pass down their knowledge to those who don’t.  

The ability to provide information, and to learn new things, should be in the hands of the public. Our collective knowledge should be grown and developed by us, the people.

Information should be freely accessible to all, no matter one’s racial background, sexual orientation, economic class, or political stance. 

We believe that knowledge should be maintained by the people, without interference from governments and corporations. 


Jordan Brown ♢ Erica Gardner ♢ Tom Hausman ♢ Eric Valdez ♢ Alvin Vega